Hello all, and thank you in advance for your time, and any help that may be given. I am emailing in hopes that some help, tips, or suggestions can be offered to help me achieve my goal.

The heart of the question is: What can I do to increase my CIFS network speed?

Here is what I have, and what I have done.

I am using two linux boxes, connected on the same network, via a Netgear 5 port Gigabit hub. Both boxes are using a Cat6 cable, and both boxes contain a gigabyte Ethernet card.

First, I test the connection between the boxes using iperf. Off the bat, the connection was around 300 Mbs. OnceI enabled jumbo frames, I got network connection over 700 Mbs.

I made one of the boxes serve a fileshare while the other box mounted the share. The command I use to mount the share is as follows:

# mount -t cifs -o username=joe,password=eoj // /a

After successfully mounting the share, I used iperf to test the connection. The speed was still over 700Mbs. However, it took over 60 seconds to copy a 1 GByte file to the fileshare. (a speed of around 133 Mbs.)

Knowing that without the CIFS share, the network is able to support about 700 Mbs, and that with the share the network only supports about 133 Mbs, I have come to the conclusion that with a CIFS connection I am only able to support about 13% of my network capabilities. My goal is somewhere between 40% and 50%, which I think is reasonable.

What parameters can be tuned in order to improve the cifs connection?

Thank you