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Thread: Hello SC Team

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    Hello SC Team

    Hello fellow South Carolinians,

    I'm on my way back from Ohio LinuxFest. I attended the Ubucon while there and asked if there was a SC LoCo. Amber Graner pointed me to the wiki site, irc channel and forums.

    I just got back on the forums, so this is a new account for me.

    I am a member of CSCLUG, the Charleston, South Carolina Linux Users Group.

    I would like to help out with the SC LoCo. I've been a long time linux user and was doing some work helping out with a lesser known source-based distribution a number of years ago.

    My free time gets divided between linux and games and lately games have been winning out. I am interested in possibily becoming a MOTU or some other means of contributing to Ubuntu.

    Hopefully we can get this Loco going again.

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    Re: Hello SC Team

    Greetings and salutations.

    I am also a long time Linux user, and I found Ubuntu is just easier to explain and show someone still using Windows. And working for the company I work for, Ubuntu is very easy to get printers set up on and also scanning to a desktop folder. I'm a member of the Upstate Carolina Linux Users Group here in Greenville,

    I'm also looking to help out with this loco.
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