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Thread: wireless connection drops when traffic increases

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    Unhappy wireless connection drops when traffic increases

    Hello, my problem is that when I increase Internet traffic on my lucid lynx wireless connection drops. It happens for example with google earth, deluge, streaming videos, etc. Normally it works perfect when I visit other Internet pages.
    Anyone knows where I could find information? It's hard to believe that I am the only one with this problem!

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    Re: wireless connection drops when traffic increases

    I'm not sure why it's happening but look for anything relevant in your syslog. When you say your wireless connection drops, does it reconnect automatically after dropping or do you have to manually reconnect it?

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    Re: wireless connection drops when traffic increases

    I had the same problem on my netbook, and it turned out to be a hardware problem. The wireless card would heat up as traffic increased, and would eventually fail, and disconnect. The more traffic, the faster it disconnected. If I really hammered it, say transferring a file across my local area network, I could even get it to lockup the machine.

    My solution was to replace my wireless card with a better card (Intel 4965 cards are like 15 bucks on ebay). I recommend you try a different wireless card or even a USB wireless dongle if you have access to one, and see if the problem goes away.

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