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Thread: Bluetooth AVRCP with Blueman and Sony DR-BT100CX

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    Bluetooth AVRCP with Blueman and Sony DR-BT100CX


    I have a Sony DR-BT100CX paired and running well on Karmic 9.10 using Blueman 1.21 and the latest Bluez package.

    When I try to connect the input service I get "failed to connect" as an error message. Initially I discovered output in the syslog that lead me to realize that I needed to use the uinput module. I used modprobe to insert it. Now I get the same error but no message in the syslog anymore.

    I'm not certain where the error messages may be being logged or if anybody knows how to fix this. I had a pair of Motorola headphones a while back and I believe the AVRCP controls worked correctly.


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    Re: Bluetooth AVRCP with Blueman and Sony DR-BT100CX

    I shut off the running bluetooth service
    # /etc/init.d/bluetooth stop
    and ran the bluetooth daemon manually, this is the output:
    # bluetoothd -n
    bluetoothd[15149]: Bluetooth daemon 4.61
    bluetoothd[15149]: Starting SDP server
    bluetoothd[15149]: Starting experimental netlink support
    bluetoothd[15149]: Failed to find Bluetooth netlink family
    bluetoothd[15149]: Failed to init netlink plugin
    bluetoothd[15149]: bridge pan0 created
    bluetoothd[15149]: HCI dev 0 registered
    bluetoothd[15149]: HCI dev 0 up
    bluetoothd[15149]: Starting security manager 0
    bluetoothd[15149]: Parsing /etc/bluetooth/serial.conf failed: No such file or directory
    bluetoothd[15149]: probe failed with driver input-headset for device /org/bluez/15149/hci0/dev_00_1B_DC_0F_58_35
    bluetoothd[15149]: Adapter /org/bluez/15149/hci0 has been enabled

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    Re: Bluetooth AVRCP with Blueman and Sony DR-BT100CX

    It looks like without me being aware, this was already working. The "input" service that was failing was not related to AVRCP. It appears that when I connect the a2dp service the buttons were working.

    Since I'm using amarok 1.4 I needed this script:

    To enable Amarok to use the multimedia keys as defined by gnome. I need this for my multimedia keyboard as well. Once I installed this script everything "Just works".



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