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Thread: which chipset to download (ALSA-SIS Azalea)

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    Re: which chipset to download (ALSA-SIS Azalea)

    well, many thanks:

    **091010-19.20****Alsa-Upgrade-Script-1.0.23-2 *********************
    * You'll be upgraded from Alsa  to 1.0.23
    * Run -h option for further help and to look up the workflows
    * Note1: Alsa won't be upgraded before you run the
    *        installation option -i!! 
    *        The upgrade procedure shouldn't have any effect on Alsa 
    *        until then. However - see Note2
    * Note2: Do not delete the Alsa Source Directory under /usr/src!
    *        When starting the script the 2nd time with -d,
    *        the Alsa source dir will be deleted automatically!
    *        You won't have sound until you're done with that installation
    * DISCLAIMER: Use this script at your own risk. I do not take any 
    *             responsibility for any problems caused by running 
    *             this script. Before running this script I strongly 
    *             advise you to make a backup of your system.
    *             You might enter problems restoring the system to its
    *             original status when running the restore function 
    *             supplied by the script.  
    how do I make a backup?
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