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Thread: Inuktitut Ubuntu

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    Inuktitut Ubuntu

    Ok, first time posting, so forgive me for any forum faux pas I may commit.
    Ok I have a live Ubuntu 10.4 USB(4GB) persistent (2GB) and wanted to see how Ubuntu looked translated into Inuktitut. Downloaded, and than applyed changes system wide... But nothing everywhere I went it was all in English and could not find one area where there was Inuktitut. Did I miss something?
    Hate to load this however, who ever is part of the Ubuntu Inuktitut project can I get a hold of you?
    I am orginally from Rankin Inlet Nunavut, and have some ins with some Inuit organizations, and would like to know where the project is at, so that possibly they could join the project and bring Inuktitut in a full complete way to Ubuntu.

    Thank you

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    Re: Inuktitut Ubuntu

    I had to select a prefix to post however the only prefix was solved so still an open question.

    Thank you for any help for this newbie

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    Re: Inuktitut Ubuntu

    From what I can find, Inuktitut needs to be translated, i.e., no translation exists.

    Here are three links on this subject:


    Translations (Last updated 2008)

    Lists (from 2005)

    If you - either by yourself or with a team - or someone else wants to translate Ubuntu into Inuktitut, then click here.
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    Re: Inuktitut Ubuntu

    I'd just like to say i'd also like to see this. Thanks for posting the links Sef. Though I don't speak the language and can't help translate, I know folks who do and might be able to drum up some interest (though to my knowledge none of them use ubuntu... yet)
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