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Thread: [TouchScreen] - How Can I Make a Computer TouchScreen

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    Exclamation [TouchScreen] - How Can I Make a Computer TouchScreen

    Good Nights.

    My english is not very good, sorry for that. Well.

    I have a question:
    It is can be possible to make a computer without TouchScreen Technology like one that if have it?.

    I am a Windows user to, and i been searching and i found it can be possible do that, but this is only on windows with the Wii Remote of Nintendo Wii Console.

    My question is part of this, it could be possible do this on Ubuntu like on windows?

    Thanks for all your help.

    And sorry for my bad english, jejejejje. Thats why because I dont practice so much, jejejje.

    But, i dont have more to say, only thanks again and i hope your help about this Subject.

    Thanks and have a good day.

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    Re: [TouchScreen] - How Can I Make a Computer TouchScreen

    This is more of a hardware question - some of the cheaper touch screen monitors are simply normal monitors with a screen over it, which connects to a touch screen controller.

    Have a look at this page:

    and look at Materials as well as Touch Screen controllers.

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    Re: [TouchScreen] - How Can I Make a Computer TouchScreen

    Yes you're rigth, jejejejje.

    Maybe i dont make a good question, sorry for that.

    Im still searching on the web and i found somthing about mi bad question, jejeje.

    Mi question really is: its can be possible use the wiimote and make a IR pencil to simulate or in fact make a pc like a interactive board like on windows?

    but like i say, i found something very interesting, thats be possible.

    Thanks for your help!!!!!

    and i hope support about something in this forum very soon, jejjeje.

    Thanks again.

    Good bye

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