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Thread: Dell Vostro 3300 and Intel GMA X4500HD

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    Exclamation Dell Vostro 3300 and Intel GMA X4500HD


    My problem is: i use the Dell Vostro 3300 und Ubuntu Lucid 10.04. The VGA for the external monitor
    is flickering. The problem seams to be the Intel GMA X4500HD . So, do you know 1.) what i can do? or 2.) where i can find a Driver for the Intel GMA
    X4500HD - maybe a dep-packet, because i am a absolut beginner.
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    Re: Dell Vostro 3300 and Intel GMA X4500HD


    Same problem on a Dell Vostro 3300 bought last week... I didn't activate the nVidia display driver (I've read that it's not working due to hybrid graphics stuff). And I can't use an external monitor or a beamer, that's too ugly : text can't be read !

    So the screen is detected, I can change the resolution or the refresh rate but the image is flickering too much !

    Any ideas ?



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