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Thread: Installing & Running PSpice Student 9.1 on Ubuntu Lucid

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    Arrow Installing & Running PSpice Student 9.1 on Ubuntu Lucid

    Hi all,

    While there are a lot of threads that deal with installing this old software under Wine, I had quite a bit of troubles before success. So here are the steps that worked for me (Ubuntu 10.04 lucid, and wine-1.2 from ubuntu-wine PPA):
    # uninstall and clean up wine completely:
    sudo apt-get remove --purge wine winetricks    # not enough, needs also:
    sudo apt-get remove --purge wine1.2            
    sudo apt-get autoremove --purge             # for wine1.2-gecko etc
    ls -d /home/administrator/.wine*  # shows: .wine/ .winetrickscache/
    rm -rf ~/.wine*
    # install wine 
    sudo apt-get install wine # installs winetricks, wine1.2-gecko
    # run wineconfig, and set win 98 mode
    # run winetricks and install dependencies
    # note: mfc42=vcrun6
    winetricks corefonts dcom98 mfc42
    # run wineconfig again, and under 
    # 'Libraries', set rpcrt4 to "built-in" - NOT 'native';
    # else installer will crash @ 'Call from 0x7b836852 to unimplemented function rpcrt4.dll.I_RpcExceptionFilter, aborting'
    # now run the Pspice installer
    # install Pspice in a dir without spaces; 
    # for example /home/user/Orcad_Demo
    # that will be Z:\\home\\user\\Orcad_Demo for wine
    cd ps9_1/
    wine Setup.exe
    # Install should be done now, 
    # programs may start, but without simulation
    # check whether dll's have been registered in wine registry:
    grep 'ipspice' ~/.wine/*.reg
    grep 'sim' ~/.wine/*.reg
    grep 'pspi' ~/.wine/*.reg
    # check if PSPICEEV.INI is installed
    $ ls ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/
    # run wineconfig YET again, and under 
    # 'Libraries', set ole32, oleaut32, rpcrt4 to "built-in" - NOT 'native';
    # check if by any chance multiple copies of SIMSRVR.EXE have been started;
    # if so kill them
    ps axf | grep -i 'sim'
    sudo killall SIMSRVR.EXE
    After this, you shold be able to at least start pspicead.exe and run a simulation, and "PSpice Design Manager" should work too.

    The nastiest bit was the fact that one must set rpcrt4 to "built-in" to have the installer run; this quote was relevant:

    WineHQ Forums View topic - RPCRT4.dll and NTDLL.dll:
    Quote Originally Posted by 445d3463
    Jcrash wrote:
    wine: Call from 0x7b843942 to unimplemented function rpcrt4.dll.NdrClientInitializeNew, aborting

    This means you can't use native rpcrt4.dll from dcom98. WINE NEEDS THINGS THAT DIDN'T EXIST IN WIN98.

    Jcrash wrote:
    So I enabled ntdll tracing and see the following files not found, gonna try to track these down -

    All of those are normal.

    Jcrash wrote:
    so after copying over the rpcrt4.dll from me windows xp partition along with the files above i get this crash any ideas?


    In simple words - if it something related to OLE and dcom98 didn't help - it won't work unless Wine's OLE is fixed.
    I'm not sure if setting those libraries to "built-in" after install helps, but that's how I have it right now. Basically, I ran once after install, and sim failed (when simulating, got "pspicead.exe cannot be started" - and when running it manually, got "Failed to connect to the PSPice Simulation Server"); then I tried some regsvrs as recommended other places (see links below), that didn't help either - finally I set the dll overrides to "built-in", killed all "SIMSRVR.EXE" that were hanging in processes - and only then did Pspice start working fully.

    Pages that helped:

    Well, hope this helps someone,


    EDIT: Note that even with this, there will still be a problem placing parts in OrCAD Capture (PSpice Schematic should be fine), described in WineHQ Bugzilla – Bug 3023 – Orcad - "Place Part" never tries to put down a part:
    Quote Originally Posted by
    There is a temporary solution to the "Placing Parts" problem. Hopefully it will be included with wine updates in the near future.

    Here is a link to the bug:

    Unfortunately it requires recompiling wine. I will see what I can do about creating a modified deb package.
    .. however, if you have an existing Capture project, you can copy any parts that exist there and paste into a new project without problem.
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    Re: Installing & Running PSpice Student 9.1 on Ubuntu Lucid

    Excelent Post ! I was about to post something related to not findign an equivalent to Microsim/Orcad but i am so going to try this now...

    My main problem was trying to make a new directory to store my project in ( it wouldn't allow it) and of course, problems with osciloscope simulator.

    At any rate, great contribution!

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