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    [Recruiting] Galactic Vice - Sci-Fi RTS


    I represent an international group of Open Source developers called the Electric Eye Productions. Galactic Vice, the Electric Eye Productions premier game, has recently matured too the stage of Alpha 1 -- generating a lot of anticipation from the open source and RTS communities.

    Back when the project was first emerging I posted a recruiting advertisement similar to this one in hopes of recruiting some new developers. I learned a good lesson then: If you want people to join your project you've gotta have something to show for it.

    That, ladies and gentlemen, is exactly what we now have. As many of you may already know, 99% of open source projects don't make it to a stable release. The very fact that Galactic Vice has reached Alpha 1 is a testament to our dedication in making Galactic Vice a commercial quality - but free - open source game.

    Now that we have proof of our dedication to the project, we would like to find others who share the same dedication to the Open Source world -- those of whom have the desire and willpower to develop what could be the next generation of open source RTS gaming.

    Here is a demo video of Galactic Vice:

    Team name:

    Electric Eye Productions. The Electric Eye Productions is a group of Open Source developers dedicated to produce commercial quality - but free - games for both Windows and Linux. The EEP was originally founded by a group of high school friends, but over the years has developed into the international group of Open Source developers that it is today.

    Project name:
    Galactic Vice.

    Brief description:
    Galactic Vice is a 3D, open source, Real-Time Strategy game featuring two races at war. Vital mistakes made by a corrupt human empire lead to a catastrophic war against an alien race -- one in which humanity is pushed to the brink of extinction.

    Players can choose between the epic onslaught of survival with the Terran, or the satisfying taste of revenge with the Nazar.

    Galactic Vice has been in development for several years now. Only recently (March of 2010) has it become public.

    Target aim:
    The Open Source and Linux world. We are also targeting the Windows platform, but not as heavily. We plan to ultimately have Galactic Vice available via package management systems for the Ubuntu and Debian Distributions. Galactic Vice is currently available for 64-bit Linux and 32-bit Windows XP.

    The core-engine of Galactic Vice is programmed in C++. Various other tools (such as our Gimp texture plug-in) are written in C, and a Blender model export/import script is planned to be written in Python.

    Galactic Vice currently supports advanced particle systems, animated models, quad-tree based tiled terrain with bump-mapping and unlimited textures/tilesets (similar to that found in Starcraft 2), bounding box frustum culling, custom filesystem manager with a custom archive format that supports Bzip2 compression and 448-bit blowfish encryption, custom scene management system that supports animation and GLSL special effects through a set of VERY simple configuration files, simple RTS unit-management, simple RTS game-logic, runs on Linux and Windows, Octree scene support, animated lava, reflective/refractive/fresnel water, and much much more.

    Talent needed:
    We mostly need 3D artists capable of modeling, animating, and texturing models for in-game use.

    We do also need texture artists capable of creating new tilesets/textures for the terrain system.

    We need sound artists to create sound effects for use in-game (Explosions, gun-fire, selection sounds, etc).

    And we do also welcome C/C++/Python programmers that have experience with any of the following: Subversion, autotools, Linux API, Windows API, Network programming, game logic programming, Lzma2 compression algorithm, and other RTS video game related stuff.

    Team structure:
    There have been many people who have contributed to Galactic Vice. I am the only one who has stuck it out the entire 5 years since Galactic Vice was started, but we do have some new members who have been actively developing:

    Daniel Pylican: Concept Artist. Been with us since 9:00 PM on March 21st, 2010.

    Kristo Kaas: Musical Composer, has also contributed heavily to the project management and storyline. Been with us since 12:32 PM on April 4th, 2010.

    Daniel Gray: Financial Supporter and forums moderator. Been with us since sometime in 2009.

    Seth Smith: Financial Supporter and forums moderator. Been with us since sometime in 2009.

    Mikey Miles: Our public relations guy. We use him as a stooge for making the Electric Eye Productions look like people, not robots (Thanks Mikey!!). Been with us since sometime in 2009.

    Jonathon Goodliffe: Me. The one making this post. Co-founder of Galactic Vice next to Blake Robision (who is no longer developing), and the project manager. I also have coded every line of the engine exempt of the external dependencies, designed/created every part of the GUI's in the current Alpha 1 release, have designed/created the terrain system and tilesets to go along with it, designed/created the entire Galactic Vice webpage, and financially supported the project all these years.

    Previous Contributors:
    Daniel Santos
    Nathan Turner
    Forrest Voight
    Blake Robision
    Cody Barnes
    Don Anderson
    Jim Norris (not related to Chuck Norris)
    Ryan Reber

    Galactic Vice Homepage

    For a demo video: Click.

    Galactic Vice Project Manager
    The Electric Eye Productions

    Previous Work by Team:
    None as a team. This is our first collaborative video game.

    Any positive feedback is welcomed.
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