Hi! I'm very new to ubuntu (installed it last week) and have a dual boot of lucid alongside windows 7 starer on my lenovo S10-3 netbook.

I'm trying to look for a way to adjust brightness but I can't. I've tried the following:

1. pressing function key arrow up or down. in windows 7 I have a scroll bar that appears on the bottom of the screen similar to like when you adjust brigthness or volume on a tv set. but it doesn't appear when I'm booted to lucid.

2. using the brightness adjustment bar in 'preferences' when i click on the battery icon. this bar appears on my neo laptop (also on lucid, can't remember the exact model) but this bar doesn't appear on my lenovo netbook.

3. gconf-editor/apps/gnome power manager/backlight - I've tried adjusting thru gconf-editor as well but it doesn't seem to work.

4. I've also tried adding the brightness applet on the panel but it's not working either.

Please help. My panel's too bright