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Thread: Die-Hard KDE User adopts Gnome

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    Re: Die-Hard KDE User adopts Gnome

    Quote Originally Posted by Dragonbite View Post
    My attempt to upgrade openSUSE to 4.5 failed, so I ended up "upgrading" from the CD back to 4.4. I think they just came out with a "stable" repository so I may try again sometime. I think I just flubbed the update somewhere.

    The one problem I ran across was when I was debugging a PHP application in NetBeans right after installing DigiKam, it opened it up in Konquerer (huh? I didn't realize it installed that too!). That was fine, but unfortunately it changed my entire theme to something KDE~esqe! This was fixed by telling NetBeans to use Firefox instead, but still it caught me off guard.

    Another reason to try 4.5 is Konquerer can be changed to use WebKit instead of KHTML for its engine. Not only is it supposed to be faster, but I am assuming it will be better supported (which is one reason for keeping Firefox even if I dont' use it).

    So while using KDE apps in Gnome may have a few "huh?" moments, it works alright enough. This will also be handy as there are some apps that there are no Gnome equivalents that I have heard of yet, such as BasKet. If anybody has used OneNote on Windows, this is the closest equivalent.
    You can use webkit in Konquerer in KDE 4.4. As a Gentoo Linux user, I have been doing this for a while. It probably would be better to use something like Opera, because Konquerer's webkit module is not as stable as it should be.

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    Re: Die-Hard KDE User adopts Gnome

    I like KDE and GNOME so I dual boot my laptop with 500G HDD

    250GB for Ubuntu 10.04 with GNOME
    250GB for openSUSE 11.3 with KDE 4.5.1

    They are both good

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    Re: Die-Hard KDE User adopts Gnome

    I'm the opposite.

    I far prefer KDE/Kubuntu over Gnome/Ubuntu.

    All OS's have bugs and require tweaks. The more you do and the more complex stuff you try to accomplish, the more tweaks you will need.

    I have Windows 7/Vista/XP, Mac OS X, Ubuntu, and Kubuntu on my 8 home computers. I end up using Kubuntu 99% of the time.

    It helps to RTFM. That's why I use


    Right now the killer is being surrounded by a web of deduction, forensic science,
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    Re: Die-Hard KDE User adopts Gnome

    I have a bad habit of using beta software and then getting upset when it doesn't work well...

    I was using Xfce4.8-devel and got sick of crashing the panel. For a long time I was using Compiz-Standalone, which was great but had a few niggles to deal with (emerald needing to be restarted sometimes, bad sloppy focus policy).

    Now I'm back on Openbox without compositing and it's fantastic.

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