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Thread: Come, Speak and Learn in Software Freedom Day at BarCampHK 2010

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    Come, Speak and Learn in Software Freedom Day at BarCampHK 2010

    I hopes local Ubuntu users staying in Hong Kong can come, speak, learn ubuntu, f/oss and other topics together at software freedom day and barcamphk.

    I am one of local event coordinators of opensource community in Hong Kong. As a Ubuntu user, I read that Ubuntu user group is being formed, and I would like to help and grow local Ubuntu user group at its foundation. So, SFDHK@BarCampHK this year is a good platform and event for us to gather and know each others. (I hopes I can receive some copies of Ubuntu CD from Software Freedom International ASAP for confirmation)

    As you would like to talk about Ubuntu or F/OSS, you may contact with me first, or join opening session of barcamphk.

    - Sammy

    Software Freedom Day 2010 Hong Kong will be held in BarCamp Hong Kong 2010 on Saturday 18th September 2010, a room at BarCampHK is reserved for priority in software freedom, open source and any related topics.

    Date: 18 September 2010, Saturday
    Time: 9:30am - 6:00pm
    Venue: 1/F of Core M & N, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
    Language: English, Cantonese, Putonghua, or any language you perfer.

    What is BarCamp ?

    BarCamp is an ad-hoc "unconference" born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos and interaction from attendees. Anyone with something to contribute or with the desire to learn is welcome and invited to join.

    Come, Speak and Learn in Software Freedom Day

    If you plan to speak in Software Freedom Day, you have 2 options.

    First option: BarCamp will be started with a short session for anyone to suggest discussion topics, includes topics for SFD. Arrive early if you plan to speak, introduce yourself (only 3 words!) and want to get a free BarCamp T-shirt.
    Second option: SFD organisators are preparing 2-3 sessions in BarCamp, and we are still looking for topics and speakers, please contact with me on/before 12 September 2010.

    Don't hesitate, please come, speak and learn in Software Freedom Day and BarCampHK 2010, and sign up now at BarCamp website ( and share it on facebook.

    Software Freedom Day Hong Kong 2010 -
    BarCampHK 2010 -

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    Re: Come, Speak and Learn in Software Freedom Day at BarCampHK 2010

    It's really interesting. I really want to attend. I've registered and don't know if there's a seat for me. Would I receive a confirmation?

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    Re: Come, Speak and Learn in Software Freedom Day at BarCampHK 2010

    As I know, no confirmation is required, but registration helps barcamphk organisator to know how many attendees for easier event arrangement.

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