I'm dual-booting my computer with Windows 7, so I can play some games which don't run in Wine mostly, and I have partitions set up:

Ubuntu, Data, Windows

On the Data partition I am storing all my documents, downloads, pictures, music etc... and this partition is mounted as /mnt/data in fstab.

I have used the bind method in fstab to bind /home/username/Documents to /mnt/data/Documents, etc...

This has worked brilliantly, and does just what I want, but I also wanted to have the themed Documents, Music, Pictures icons appearing when I view the /mnt/data folder (for aesthetics).

I found the post here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1315136 which suggested changing user-dirs.dirs but this won't let me have multiple folders with the same icon.

Does anyone know how to get multiple folders showing with the appropriate themed icons, so that when I change the theme they'll change accordingly?