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Thread: Umount problems

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    Umount problems


    I am running into the problem of not being able to unmount a networked volume. The volume was obtained through the ncpmount utility.

    If I right click on the desktop icon and click Unmount, the system complains that it is not in the fstab(and you are not root).

    If I run the command line from a terminal "sudo umount novelclient", it unmounts the volume fine.

    I am interested in making a script that user's can click on to unmount this volume, instead of opening a terminal and using the command line.

    If this is possible, or anyone knows of a better solution, please let me know Thanks


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    Re: Umount problems

    I guess no one had any ideas :S

    Anyways I was busy looking around the net, and came up with this solution:

    Created a newfile called
    Inside the file I added the following 2 lines.

    echo yourepassword | sudo -S umount /home/user/novelclient

    Granted all permissions to all on file. Created a launcher on the desktop which links to the script file. Now click on the desktop to unmount the volume with no complaints

    **Not a secure way obviously to fix the problem... you're password is easily findable But in our case it doesn't matter... many users know the password


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