I want to thank all the artists that submitted artwork for Xubuntu Maverick Meerkat, soon to become Xubuntu 10.10. We certainly got some great images from you. The artwork was selected by vote of the Xubuntu Team after some discussion. The actual wallpaper is now in Maverick Meerkat.

All of the submitted art is on display at The winning wallpaper is Xubuntu 10.10 / Balls/Curve. We also selected the GTK Theme that was submitted, Zuki Blues.

The Shimmer Project team did the final polishing of the theme for Xubuntu, including the Elementary Icon set. The final package is called Bluebird, and is really good. With the addition of Bluebird, Xubuntu has both an excellent dark theme, named Albatross, and an excellent light theme, called Bluebird. Albatross will remain a working, usable theme in Xubuntu.

Back to the title, the real winner here is all the Xubuntu users, who will once again have great artwork in the new release. With the addition of Bluebird, users have a real choice between light and dark. Again, many thanks to those who did submit art and to the Shimmer Project ( for their fantastic work.

Originally sent to the ubuntu-news-team mailing list by Charlie Kravetz on Fri Sep 3 01:32:47 BST 2010