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Thread: Ophcrack Live CD

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    Ophcrack Live CD

    The Windows Vista LIVE CD download that one can easily find on the web seems to work well. It does not crack my Windows 7 password, however, and that is because I believe it does not have any rainbow tables that come with the download. The whole boot sequence is fine, but it has no rainbox tables to work with and the whole sequence without rainbow tables takes 20 seconds - very quick. I know that rainbow tables are available in the Ubuntu Synaptic version of Ophcrack, there is an option for loading them.

    Now the qustions is in the Ophcrack Live Cd how does one get the rainbox tables on the bootable CD also? Since the whole Ophcrack pw cracking process is automatic, I am assuming that they must also be placed on the Ophcrack LIVE CD as well as the other part that is downloaded.

    How is this done?


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    Re: Ophcrack Live CD

    This really isn't a Windows cracking forum, but you're welcome to petition to have the thread re-opened in the Resolution Center
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