Hi guys,

first post here. I installed Ubuntu 10.04 64bits yesterday here and had some problems after install.

Those are the issues so far:
- No sound from HDMI/back P2 port (the front one works)
- Mic won't work wither (front or back ports)
- I can't seem to be able to open any Preferences configurations
I go to System, Preferences, Monitors/Mouse/Keyboard/Appereance... and it open the windows in the bottom bar and then they dissapear, so I can't adjust anything

My config is the following:

Gigabyte X58a-UD3R (dont know which revision)
i7 920
6gb RAM 1666
Gtx 460 (I managed to install the drivers yesterday)

The Mobo uses the Realtek ALC892 sound chip

Could anyone help me solving those problems?

Thanks a lot for the atention