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Thread: hdd corrupt, how do i recover evolution emails

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    hdd corrupt, how do i recover evolution emails

    boot from a live cd then startup shell (terminal) (applications , accessories, terminal)

    then type in

    gksudo nautilus

    then click view, show hidden files and tick it

    insert your usb thumb drive and copy the directory called





    .gnome2_private/Evolution (this directory may not exist)

    copy all those to your usb thumb drive. replace the hdd. reinstall ubuntu. reinstall these directory's from usb thumb drive.

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    Re: hdd corrupt, how do i recover evolution emails

    In contiunation with the previous ,how to accomplish the same in ubuntu 12.04. with latest version of evelotion installed.I dont know the version no.As i am unable to to boot to ubuntu.All i remember is that it uses something ele like mbox or so.I am not clear reg that.

    Please guide me on how to recover the emails by booting with live cd.


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