Hi all,

I have an iMac Intel whit, now almost three years old, on which I installed Ubuntu 10.4 in dual boot.
Almost everything works, including the built-in isight webcam ( it works with Cheese and aMsn for instance ).
Among the non working bits there is the one mentioned in the title: if I enable the webcam for the firefox flash plugin, the plugin crashes showing the cute sad face and the message "The Adobe Flash plugin is crashed". The plugin works fine at showing video (also other people webcams) so I believe it is an issue with the iSight.

I have the following package installed:

mozilla-firefox 3.6.8
flash player plugin : 10,1,82,76 (as reported by http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/ )
isight-firmware-tools 1.4.2-3 which I used to extract the firmware from the OS X10.3 (Tiger) driver.

P.S : the isight works fine with safari and flash on OS/X. Not tried jet firefox on OS/X.

Tanks in advance for any help