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Thread: Sound Blaster Live Digital Output only work

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    Sound Blaster Live Digital Output only work


    I'm new user of ubuntu 10.4 and I've got a problem with my sound blaster. I can hear the sound only by the digital output (central speaker play with a terrible noise). Additionally I can't see any sound card installed in the Hardware tab (Preferences->Sound). I turn off digital output in the alsamixer but when i play music central speaker will turn on and rest of my speakers doesn't work. I have an idea that Ubuntu 10.4 similar like Windows 7 doesn't support Sound Blaster Live! 5.1. Maybe someone of you have similar problem

    Thanks for your reply


    Hello again I solve my problem...

    I forgot tell you that I upgrade my Ubuntu 8.04 to 10.4...
    So I created new user and problem with sound gone. The only thing that you must to do is set up Master switch in alsamixer on 100%.
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