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Thread: Network-Manager "Shared" method uses DHCP range

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    Network-Manager "Shared" method uses DHCP range

    Hello All,

    I am setting up a gateway Ubuntu box and trying to do this the easiest way possible.

    Using Network Manager in LL 10.04 I have eth1 (usb) accessing the net and eth0 (wired) set up and working.

    eth1 has a static IP address of and the USB box has
    This works and I have no issues with eth0.

    In order to allow eth1 to "share" the connection I have gone toIPv4 and change the method to "Shared to this computer".

    Network-Manager automatically starts a dhcp server and assigns ip's from the 10.x.x.x class of IP's.

    My question?

    I want to change the assignable ip range to come from 192.168.1.x.

    I have figured out that it is set in the dnsmasq-base package as uninstalling this and using:

    >sudo service network-manager restart
    shuts down the eth0 completely - no IP can be assigned!

    Reinstall dnsmasq-base and it assigns it back with a IP. (and all other PC's on the network are set to the 10.42.43.x range.

    Where is the dhcp range set?

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