I wanted to write here to gather the latest and greatest of all the bits of information I've gathered so far to make my project complete. Thanks in advance to everyone who are willing to hekp me.

My projects goal is to build a platform for Chamsys MagicQ -light controller software. For those who haven't heared about it, it's a professional DMX-control software, ship in various forms. The software it self is free and is used in also in the biggest light-consoles used by stadium-sized bands. The big light consoles are shipped with linux OS and touchscreen. What I'm using is MagicQ PC Wing which is a USB-controller for the software and as DMX output for the light system.

To make long story short, here's what I need:

- light-weight solution PC w/touchscreen, no special requirements for CPU etc
- USB-support for Chamsys MagicQ and numpad
- WLAN-capability for VNC
- linux OS

As for software, my goal would be to have two different bootup profiles. One that would have ONLY MagicQ software and WLAN-networking with all dependent services. And the second would have a "regular" set-up for maintenance with browsers and such. So the actual "working profile" would imitate the behavior in the bigger consoles. It would have MagicQ software (demands X) as UI, and an agent daemon to start it up again if it fails for some reason. (I've done something like this MANY years ago on Red Hat, but I have no recollections how to do it now )

Here's the current status of the project:

Shuttle X50 160GB HD, 1GB RAM w/ Ubuntu 10.04

- Display: OK
- Ethernet: OK
Touchscreen: works, but calibration is false on edges
- Chamsys MagicQ: works, but with some strange functionality
- Stripped boot-up profile: NOT STARTED

This is what's puzzeling me most at the moment. Shuttle's specs only say: "IEEE 802.11b/g/n", but according to Windows driver it should be RaLink RT2860. However Ubuntu is loading RTL8191-driver. According to lsmod the driver is not being used!

I would try to use ndiswrapper, but don't know where to get the .inf file.

Touchscreen is working fairly ok, compared to the fact that I have NO idea why it is working! Every time I boot the box, it seems to be using different drivers. As I write this xinput list shows both EVTouch and eGalax, but I have no idea which is in use. The only thing that really is a problem is the calibration which seems to be a bit different every time I boot, but every time it's really unfocused on the edges. This is very vital for MagicQ usability.

Boot profiles
Should you have any ideas where to start, 'll be pleased to know!