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Thread: Raid 1 array not showing up

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    Raid 1 array not showing up

    I am using Ubuntu 10.04 x64. I am not trying to install Ubuntu on a RAID 1 drive like all of the guides are for. I have a RAID 1 array that I am using for data storage. In windows it shows as a single array just fine. In linux it shows as 2 separate drives. I don't care how they show up to be honest I just have to data written to one drive written to the other automatically as well so my RAID isn't screwed up.

    Looking through different articles and forums I find a lot of stuff saying that it should show up under /dev/mapper/dxxx or something under /dev/mapper. All that shows up there for me is a device called control which doesn't seem to do something.

    Also dmraid is already installed I just can't figure out what I am supposed to do with it

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    Re: Raid 1 array not showing up

    Try in a terminal the command 'dmraid -ay' and see if anything shows up.
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