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Thread: xorg-edit: GUI for editing xorg.conf

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    Re: xorg-edit: GUI for editing xorg.conf


    wxGTK is the Linux version of wxWidgets, unless you are using wxWidgets for X11/Motif?

    Do you have webspace for this project? Maybe we can codevelop this, unless this project is your baby.

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    Re: xorg-edit: GUI for editing xorg.conf

    wxGTK is the Linux version of wxWidgets
    Right, my mistake.

    Do you have webspace for this project?
    What do you mean with webspace exactly? Sourceforge or my own webspace?

    Maybe we can codevelop this, unless this project is your baby.
    It's my baby but help is appreciated. But a warning: The code is badly commented. I haven't had the time yet to do so.

    If you just want to help with wxGTK it's fine either, the only necessary file would be guiframe.cpp/.h.

    Maybe we can do the programming talk outside this thread. My email is included in the program.

    Greetings, Dee

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    Re: xorg-edit: GUI for editing xorg.conf

    I installed this via synaptic but there's nothing listed in the applications menu.
    Where can I find it?

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    Re: xorg-edit: GUI for editing xorg.conf

    It is under System>Administration...called X-Server...
    What color do Smurfs turn when you choke em?

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    Re: xorg-edit: GUI for editing xorg.conf

    I think Systen -> Settings -> X-Server would be the correct path. I will talk to the maintainer because I think Administration would be the better place and maybe xorg-edit the better name...

    Greetings, Dee

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    Re: xorg-edit: GUI for editing xorg.conf

    Hey, Does your tool works well on Edgy? I'm trying to find out if I should upgrade or not...

    Thanks! Danke!
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    Re: xorg-edit: GUI for editing xorg.conf

    It should. wxWidgets is the same version as in Dapper.

    Greetings, Dee

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    Re: xorg-edit: GUI for editing xorg.conf

    Much thanks for this truely inspirational piece of work!!

    Tools like this will bring linux/ubuntu into the mainstream. I am an experienced and capable Windows wrangler. (You have to wrestle windows into submission to make it do what you want. ) But, I have been extremely frustrated by the what I percieve as the total chaos of the linux "system". I have dual monitors on an Nvidia card and it has been hell getting it to work right. When I had to switch to one head-dvi and one head-vga, I thought that I would never get it to work again. Then I found xorg-edit.

    Your tool made it easy for me to debug my xorg.conf. The best feature IMHO is the preview followed by immediate and pain-free access to the log. That made it simple:
    1) Change a setting
    2) Preview it
    3) Examine the log
    4) Repeat until done

    Sure, an exhaustive and well-documented implementation of all the "options" would be nice, but in the meantime the above use case really bridges the gap very nicely.

    Thanks again,

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    Re: xorg-edit: GUI for editing xorg.conf

    New version v06.11.12:

    - Internal [ALL]: GUI (xorgedit) and LIB (libxorgedit) are clearly separated now

    - Bugfix [GUI]: some element indices were out of range
    - Bugfix [GUI]: textfields will be translated even if they are not active
    - Bugfix [GUI]: changing languages made the last line of the warning disappear
    - Bugfix [LIB]: in lines with comments at the end the argument was wrongly surrounded by quotes sometimes
    - Bugfix [LIB]: option lines with no valid arguments will create an error
    - Bugfix [LIB]: empty commented lines will be stored correctly
    - Feature [ALL]: added "nvidia" driver file (thanks to Casanunda)
    - Feature [ALL]: added support for driver option section and description
    - Feature [GUI]: deleted settings menu and added settings dialog
    - Feature [GUI]: added tool tips for driver options
    - Feature [GUI]: added list entry for adding new options/add empty option in device and input device
    - Feature [GUI]: added dialog for managing options
    - Internal [ALL]: xorg conf driver options will be checked for case conversion and maybe changed after loading and before saving
    - Internal [GUI]: removed element counters
    - Internal [GUI]: disabled check if monitors or devices exists when adding screens
    - Internal [GUI]: disabled integrity check in preview
    - Internal [GUI]: only update the currently visible tab
    - Internal [GUI]: do not update screen or server layout anymore when device, inpute device, monitor or screen has changed
    - Internal [GUI]: driver lists will be read again if option dir has changed
    - Internal [GUI]: choosing a list element does not change save status
    - Internal [GUI]: changing driver or option name will update driver options list, values and tool tips
    - Internal [GUI]: list of boolean values is extended to "false/true", "yes/no", "off/on" and "0/1"
    - Internal [GUI]: strict and boolean values cannot be changed
    - Internal [GUI]: added menu item for checking xorg.conf
    - Internal [LIB]: added element counter for all lists
    - Internal [LIB]: added some more checks in xorg file
    - Internal [LIB]: added functions for modifying current element in lists
    - Internal [LIB]: disabled check if screens or input devices in server layout are double
    - Internal [LIB]: empty comments will be ignored and not saved
    - Internal [LIB]: made options (and all derived classes) case-insensitive
    - Internal [LIB]: print error when two option have the same name
    - Internal [LIB]: derived Extensions and ServerFlags directly from OptionList
    - Internal [LIB]: moved integrity checks from XorgFile to each element
    - Internal [LIB]: checking xorg.conf involves check of driver options (type and strict)

    It would be great if I could get more driver options for other video cards than nvidia.

    Greetings, Dee

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    Re: xorg-edit: GUI for editing xorg.conf

    Hey, I tried this xorg-edit program on Edgy. It looks great, if it worked! Almost everything I try to do crashes the program. Index out of bounds messages, files won't save, etc.

    Looks like it has potential though.

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