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Thread: HP G62 wifi/wireless cannot be enabled

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    Unhappy HP G62 wifi/wireless cannot be enabled

    I've installed Lucid (64-bit) via Wubi on my new HP G62 laptop. In order to enable the wifi on this computer, you have to press the fn key + F12; on F12 it has a "beacon" picture as well as a red/white light on the key. When you press this fn + F12 combo, the red light turns white and the wireless starts working. On Windows. But it usually turns itself on on Windows.

    The problem here is that pressing fn + F12 in Ubuntu doesn't do anything - the light stays red, and Ubuntu can't find any wifi because its not enabled. I can't enable it. Is there anyway I could enable the wireless (turn the light white), via software or terminal, or something?

    HP G62 Notebook
    Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
    AMD Athlon II X2 Dual-Core 2100MHz CPU
    4GB RAM
    "320GB" HD
    ATI Radeon 4250 HD Integrated Graphics Card
    802.11 b/g/n WLAN

    I haven't seen if there were any other problems with it, but I also didn't hear the drum sound on startup, which may also mean the sound doesn't work as well.

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    Re: HP G62 wifi/wireless cannot be enabled

    Never mind, I installed the Broadcom driver and now it works fine.

    This can be deleted now.

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    Re: HP G62 wifi/wireless cannot be enabled

    Hi robot85,

    Did you solve the whole Fn key problem or just the wireless conection one? I bought yesterday a G62 PC and I'm having the same problem.



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    Edubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx

    Re: HP G62 wifi/wireless cannot be enabled

    Robot 85
    I noticed you solved the problem,activating wireless by upgrading, the broadcom driver,
    I have the same problem with ubuntu, to activate wireless on my new HP G62 computer.
    My broadcom driver seem to be the latest ver:
    Could you please tell us which version driver you installed and were to find it .
    I assume you installed the driver through windows 7 device manager
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    Re: HP G62 wifi/wireless cannot be enabled

    Same problem here... Not sure what to do either! I'm joining the two previous posters to ask robot85 more details about what steps had to be taken for this to work.


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    Re: HP G62 wifi/wireless cannot be enabled

    This thread should not be marked as SOLVED, the one who posted solved by himself but did not even post a link to a solution ( only points to install broadcom driver , that for an begginer user could sound like chinese )

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