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Thread: No Synaptics Touchpad

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    Re: No Synaptics Touchpad

    Could you clearify what kind of functionality that you got working with this old kernel?

    The reason I ask is that my research indicate that the problem with the Alps touchpad is two-fold. At one level the touchpad is incorrectly recognized as a PS2 mouse and not as a TouchPad. On the other hand the behavior is pretty rational in those cases when the Kernel encounter a TouchPad that uses a protocol that has still not been reverse engineered.

    In the following Kernel discussion they are working to understand the protocol of new Alps TouchPads

    There seems to be a patch developed together with Dell to get scrolling to work to some degree on at least some of the new Alps models. I am bit a hesistant to try that one since I am not very comfortable to patch the kernel. The lack of scrolling is not a big deal for me. Multitouch support would be a different thing.

    The right launchpad issue for this problem is as far as I can tell btw

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    Re: No Synaptics Touchpad

    I have the same Problem with Dell e6410 and ubuntu 10.10 64bit. the trackpad is just recognized as a ps2-mouse. I am so far o.k with it, but I would like to turn off the touchpad during typing. Which of the several workarounds I should try? I just need to define a Shortkey for Turn-on-off. Thanks

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    Re: No Synaptics Touchpad

    Hi, sorry for the delay with answer.

    I did the following:


    I have downloaded the script and attached it to "Win+z" shortcut through the terminal (to do so just go System -> Preferences -> Keyboard shortcuts; "Win" is the windows key on the keyboard): "xterm /home/YourUsename/" and it works!!! it disables the touchpad and I can use the external mouse!!!!

    the script that i got from the above links is:

    :~$ cat ./

    state=`xinput --list-props "PS/2 Generic Mouse" | grep Enabled | awk '{print $4}'`
    #echo "state = "$state;

    if [ $state = '1' ]
    xinput --set-prop --type=int --format=8 "PS/2 Generic Mouse" "Device Enabled" "0"
    xinput --set-prop --type=int --format=8 "PS/2 Generic Mouse" "Device Enabled" "1"

    This helps with the external mouse attached.

    BUT: I ALSO WANT SOLUTION WHEN THE TOUCHPAD is properly recognised by ubuntu; this seems to be ongoing issue.

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