I don't know what's going on. This is confusing.

So I have this NVIDIA card that worked with nouveau, but of course no compositing, on Ubuntu 10.04. So I slap Kubuntu Maverick Meerkat on a CD, and as soon as I go to try it, all the compositing effects are automatically enabled, including window previews. I'm not talking about the non-composited effects that are always present and quite nice (like widgets always supporting transparency, animations, glowing, etc. that occurs without compositing), I'm talking the real deal.

So I have to conclude one of three things.

1. The NVIDIA binaries are loaded by default on the LiveCD. This seems unlikely.
2. Maverick's KDE has a built-in software rendering version of Kwin.
3. Nouveau is included, with preliminary compositing support, in Maverick.

This is just weird. Anyone have any clues, or tried it themselves? I don't get how the driver could've loaded without ever being installed if it's the proprietary one. Also, I don't think it's the proprietary one, as some effects like wobbly windows are saying they are having issues being enabled, as they weren't before with the proprietary driver. I also have a very fast system which should be able to handle that, even off of a CD.

I'm intrigued. If this is working so well already, I think the NVIDIA proprietary drivers will soon be just as good as the ATi ones.