Im running Ubuntu 10.04 on HP G60

Hey, so I got this application called Wally which all it is a wallpaper changer, the program itself has an option for "start when computer starts" so I checked it, no problems.

When I restarted my pc i didn't know that when the program is executed it has a Splash screen for like 2 secs. So I wanted to get rid of the splash and just have it hidden or something.

I went to the BUM as sudo and ADVANCED settings and there is no service nor the command setup in startup But the program DOES start when the computer starts. ok... <shrug>

So I went back to the application to turn the "Start when computer starts thing" and it was uncheckable I can't uncheck it and I can't find the service or the command in the BUM.

GOAL: To find out why the fudge is Wally not appearing in my BUM or wherever and to make the splash Hidden or something when it starts up.

PS-1: It's a KDE4 program if that has to do anything with it...

PS: It's a great program btw...