My atheros network card (AR9287) work well with ath9k driver,
but for some reasons, i need uninstall it, and install madwifi driver.My OS version is 10.04, and kernel 2.6.32-21-generic;

I followed the HowTo Link:
And downloaded madwifi in http://madwifi-project.org/, (surely, branch version);
when i "make",there is some some warning, "athstats.c: format not a string literal and no format arguments", and alse "wlanconfig.c: ignoring return value of fgets, declared with attribute warn_unused_result",etc.

but when i "make install", only one warning:"-e needs -E or -F
Then I modprobe ath_pci module, reboot, but lshw -C network returns "AR9287 unclaimed",

Any suggestions? thank you.
One thing more, system>administrator>hardware drivers, only ATI card included, nothing more, even the wireless card integrated with my laptop isn't there, but they can work! what's wrong