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Thread: Radeon 9200 Pro doesnt like Lucid

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    Radeon 9200 Pro doesnt like Lucid

    I have an old desktop with a Radeon 9200 Pro video card that worked well on 8.04 LTS Hardy but, after upgrading to 10.04.1 Lucid, is looking pretty ugly. Screens initially come up OKish but after any use seem to accumulate a lot of crap and eventually work their way towards unreadable. I know the card is no longer supported by the binary ATI drivers and the free driver (which worked nicely under Hardy) no longer seemd to like it either. Has anyone with a similar issue found a workable solution?
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    Re: Radeon 9200 Pro doesnt like Lucid

    I have the same card and have been having annoying rather than fatal trouble, whereby the screen freezes or sometimes goes blank after a time - sometimes even when no user application is running. Can't tell whether this is the card or the driver or a dodgy connection or cable or something else.

    All the above was when using Hardy. I have had Lucid (10.04.2) up long enough to suspect the problem has gone away, but it is certainly no worse.

    I'm not soliciting advice, merely hoping to reassure other users.


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