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Thread: How to: Transmission in background/panel

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    How to: Transmission in background/panel

    Hey everyone. So my question for you is how to hide transmission in the panel. I have a few seeds running but I don't want transmission on my Desktop/s. How would I go about doing this.

    I'm running Ubuntu 10.04 64bit.


    P.S. Maybe someone could help me get Conky to show Transmission data? Just a thought
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    Re: How to: Transmission in background/panel

    im not sure that would be possible using transmission without an extensive amount of work.

    it would be possible, and very easy, using a command line torrent client.

    want to give rtorrent a try, and see if you can handle using that? it runs in a terminal, but you will still be using arrow keys to navigate around and do stuff (instead of complex command line arguments and whatnot).
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