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Thread: Aircrack-ng: How to apply ath5k patch?

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    Question Aircrack-ng: How to apply ath5k patch?

    Hello Everyone ,

    I am running the Ubuntu 10.04 netbook edition on an eeepc 900 with 16gb.
    it has an atheros wifi card, and if i am not mistaking, patching the ath5k is not necessary for this version of ubuntu and onwards concerning packet injection??

    I hope this post isn't wrongly placed though...
    My problem specific:

    I installed aircrack-ng through the ubuntu software center, and got GrimWepa as GUI for aircrack

    My issue:
    I am convinced that packet injection works, but it seems not to be able to collect data?
    So i have been searching for a solution, and i found the following link:
    But i dont know how to apply patches...

    I found a tutorial in this forum given by NiceDude...

    I'm a quick learner for a noob, but not fast enough i guess...
    Can anyone show me how to apply this patch, and patches in general?
    I hope to get a step by step tutorial, coz I am totally new to linux.

    Thanks in advance,
    The Netherlands
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