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Thread: Movie, screensaver, projector and partition help

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    Movie, screensaver, projector and partition help

    hi everyone,

    i have just been introducing myself to the joys of linux! wow!

    now here are some problems that i could not find solutions to, they may be simple, complex or impossible, i do not have a clue, i am a true newbie. i have seen some solutions to problems like these, but either i did not understand the terminology fully, tried them and they didnt work or they were not completely relevant and i do not want to mess up the system with my lack of understanding so i am posting this as a separate post. I am running the latest version of Ubuntu along side windows 7 (wubi). I have downloaded all the codecs etc for watching movies but still face some problems.

    Question 1A is that i do not know how to stop the screensaver / lock screen from coming on while i am watching a movie.

    Question 1B is, I use an antique projector Proxima 9260+ to project my movies, however when i connect it to my VGA port, it is not recognized. The first time, linux told me that it needed to install something, but then gave me an error that it was not installed properly. Now i dont know where to go to install whatever drivers i need to install, or where to find those drivers, lastly, after installing the drivers, how do i toggle between screen and projector, for windows i just use the Fn key on my laptop.

    Question 2: I created a rather small partition using Wubi to install Linux, I didnt think I would love it so much , but i do. So now
    Question 2A: I dont have enough disk space to download my favorite shows on the computer, although the hard disk has more than 150gb empty. Is there a fast and easy way to do this.

    Question 2B: Alternatively, could I copy the downloaded files from Ubuntu into Windows and open them from there, that would solve my question 1.

    I hope someone can help. Thanks for your time in helping out.

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    Re: Movie, screensaver, projector and partition help

    It has been a while since I've been involved in hooking up to a projector....

    You can control the screen saver at System->Preferences->Screen saver.
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