Nearly there! I hope to be able to go "live" this next Saturday, August 28.

I have set up a drupal site at, using some things from the Ubuntu Drupal team. matt74 created the logo for the banner, and I used Ubuntu's new font for it's text.

So far it is pretty bare content-wise, but I want to change that with help from fellow Mainers.

First of all I want to get folks using the ubuntu-maine mailing list more, as discussions on the website and future activities and direction would be better archived and web-searchable in that sort of venue, at least until we get more members and momentum. I still have not received a reply from the Ubuntu mailing list folks on regaining admin access to it, but the list itself seems to work fine (as in I get the email I send to it in my mailbox )

The website at least for now should just be a front-page telling everyone about us, and once we see how many people we have, we can add more functionality like blogs/blog feeds, image galleries, and the like. I am sending an email with more details to all those registered on the launchpad page, and to the list