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Thread: Brasero – Error message when trying to burn audio CD

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    Re: Brasero – Error message when trying to burn audio CD

    Quote Originally Posted by tommcd View Post
    Gnomebaker was indeed at one time the default CD burning tool that was included with a standard Ubuntu install. At some point they switched to Brasero. I think Ubuntu 7.04 may have still used Gnomebaker; but I am not sure to be honest.
    I just searched a bit and I found that Brasero was included in Ubuntu by default since 8.04. I guess that means that 7.10 and earlier had Gnomebaker by default. I actually have an Ubuntu 7.10 live CD so if I really want to know I can always start up my computer with it…

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    Re: Brasero – Error message when trying to burn audio CD

    Wish I had seen this thread earlier. I was very frustrated when I couldn't burn an audio cd this morning. After having some coffee after going to work I realized that the only difference between the current project and recent successful burns was that one song was a 24 bit flac. I had always burned combinations of ogg, mp3 and 16 bit flac with no problems. This thread seems to confirm my suspicion that Brasero chokes on 24 bit flac files. I'm not sure why this would be - Totem plays them just fine, and as far as I know Brasero is using the same gstreamer backend. I'll know better next time, and if I can confirm this I'll file a bug.

    edit: just noticed that guraknugen already filed the bug. I need more coffee.
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