I am trying to make the left side thumb buttons on my wireless mouse control auto scroll up and down in Okular.
Currently the default hot keys for this action in Okular is "SHIFT+DOWN ARROW", "SHIFT+UP ARROW"
I also want the scroll wheel click to be the enter button

I am using UBUNTU 10.04 on a desktop, the mouse is an "ONN 2.4 ghz model number ONNWLB"
sub sized mouse meant to be used with a laptop but UBUNTU sees it and it was cheap at wallmart.

Tried mapping it with btnx-config 0.4.9

I can see the buttons but the inputs wont do what when I change it to make a keystroke.

I also have imwheel installed and it looks promising,
You're supposed to be able to set it to act differently for each program but there is no Okular setting for it in the imwheelrc file and I'm not sure how to write one.

I admit it's a minor and very specific issue but can anyone help me out?