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Thread: Web cam on the MSI X320

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    Web cam on the MSI X320

    Hey guys,

    I am trying to get help getting the webcam to work on my MSI X320 with ubuntu Jaunty 9.04. So far, everthing seems to be working great, except the webcam. Has anyone gotten this working and can you help a newbie???

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    Re: Web cam on the MSI X320

    i know in/on 910 and up cheese is installed in sound and video
    graphics also for cheese

    if not installed open a terminal type

    sudo apt-get install cheese
    click enter it ask for your pass word you dont see any type click enter

    try the cam in cheese first

    hope this helps

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    Re: Web cam on the MSI X320


    ive found that the package/program webcamstudio works with a webcam that did not otherwise work in ubuntu.

    by starting webcamstudio, getting it to recognize the webcam, and leaving webcamstudio open... other software is able to work with my cheapo external webcam. this is in 10.04, though.

    it is possible that 10.04 will support your webcam normally, whereas 9.04 cannot.

    did the webcam exist in the 4th month of 2009? if not, then 9.04 may simply not support the webcam at all, as it did not exist at the time of 9.04's release.

    as a similar example, my shiny new i7 computer did not work well with ubuntu 9.04 at all, whereas 10.04 works splendidly with it.

    ubuntu 9.04 came out in April 2009, the cpu i was using was first sold around the same time. support for the CPU didn't have time to make it's way into ubuntu 9.04 prior to it's release.
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