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Thread: Tear off menues not working with Gimp

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    Tear off menues not working with Gimp


    Usually I could tear off menus when using gimp. This is done by clicking on the dashes from the menu. When I do this with the Gimp today I will just get menu up, but are unable to activate any of the menu items. Oddly enough I get help text shown in the main/canvas window of Gimp.

    Is there any setting in gnome that needs to be activated to have the menus work again?

    Using: Ubuntu 10.04, Gimp 2.6.8

    Example of tear off menu:

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    Re: Tear off menues not working with Gimp

    The menus you are looking for are no longer part of the drop-down menus, but rather part of a right-click menu visible when clicking on the canvas.

    I found using the space bar after clicking the menu option worked on torn off menus. This may be a bug.


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