Hi, not sure where to post this so it ends up in the "server" section since this is AFAIK a server-related issue.

I run a nice little home-server for hosting my email, websites, FTP, SAMBA and whatever other things it might come in handy for. One of these other things is running my own Jabber-server, using ejabberd.

Now, I know that file transfers over Jabber is a bit tricky. But here's the situation - I can send files just fine to my contacts, but I can never receive them. My contacts always get one of two things: either their client reports that the file-transfer went fine (even thought I didn't get anything) or they get an error.

Sending files from me to my contacts always work fine though, and goes really fast. I'm using the latest Pidgin from the Ubuntu 10.04 repos, and my server is running Ubuntu Server 9.10.

Anyone have any enlightening insights into this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!