Hey folks,
I hope I am in the right sub forum. If not just move me please

So here my problem. I got a HP Officejet 8500 with a document feeder so I can just put a couple of pages into my scanner for scanning it. My problem is, that my scanner doesn't turn the pages automatically. So here my question. Is there some software available that is alternating merge two scan runs(Emulating a duplex function)?
In other words: I crap some pages and scan them and after finishing that I scan it again at the other side and merge it afterwards with software. So Page 1 from scan 1 ist at position 1, page 1 of scan 2 ist at position 2, page 2 of scan 1 is at position 3 etc.(Alternating).

Would be very nice to have that in simple scan. But I do not find it.

I use lucid 64 bit.