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Thread: 10.04 Says Truecrypt already it really?

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    10.04 Says Truecrypt already it really?

    I'm trying to open Truecrypt on my 10.04 and it say it's already running...........I don't see it with system monitor nor 'top' command in terminal. Am I missing something here?

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    Lightbulb Re: 10.04 Says Truecrypt already it really?

    If a messagebox TrueCrypt is already running appears when starting TrueCrypt, check for a hidden file in the home directory of the concerned user called .TrueCrypt-lock-username. Substitute username with the individual username. Delete the file and start TrueCrypt again.

    In Nautilus press Ctrl+h to display hidden files (starting with a dot).

    (I know the answer is coming late, but the thread still shows up in Google, so it's better to have it answered.)


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