Hello all, I've come here looking for the answer to a problem that neither I nor the field engineers I've spoken with can figure out.

We're using Ubuntu to run a piece of software from Xerox called AccXES Client Tools (available here). It's a pretty simple java application that essentially just sends files to a wide format printer. I've got it installed on a couple of Dells running the most basic Ubuntu installation, and it runs just fine. I can print from it and retrieve scans... yadda, yadda, yadda.

The problem is in the behavior of adding files to the queue. ON Windows and OS X, one can drag files to the application's Document Submit window and their path is automatically added to the queue. This is simple and all of the users are familiar with the process.

However, on Ubuntu (to be sure, I haven't tried other distros yet), the files are not added when dropping them onto the application window, and the only way to add them is by going through the application's File>Import menu. This is fine, and works well as described above, but can be tricky if the users are trying to retrieve files from, say, a CD or mounted network drive.

So, does anyone here have experience with something like this? As I see it, it's the OS that's not sending the path info to the application, as everything else seems to work quite well.