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Thread: How to include extra packages in LiveCD Image?

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    Lightbulb How to include extra packages in LiveCD Image?

    Hi, I'm hoping to find a concise guide as to how to add packages to an existing Ubuntu ISO or LiveCD (Think like slipstreaming Windows Service Packs into Windows installation CDs, if that helps). I want to add things such as more games or the restricted extras plugins so that I don't have to go get them every time I install the OS on someone's computer, things like that. Not as important, but if it would be possible to remove packages, could someone explain that to me as well? Thanks in advance!

    PS I'm not necessarily looking for a specific version, but I'm currently running 9.10 on one machine and 10.04 (soon to be 10.10) on another. A guide for any Ubuntu distro would be fine though. I'm just as interested in learning the theory of it as I am the actual execution.

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    Re: How to include extra packages in LiveCD Image?

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