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You can just quick blank without the =full optional argument. But this is going to work only if the disc is already in sequential mode. For a formatted (i.e. restricted overwrite) disc you have to apply full blanking (the surface will have no visible "track" then). Quick blank erases just the innermost area and some if not most of the data can still be recovered.
Thanks for the explanation! I'll mark this thread as solved now.

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Well, I meant you're part of the community, here, asking questions that may help the others. With a tiny typo that a non-native could be pardoned)
Being part of the community and just asking questions is no big deal in my opinion. Helping others with soft- and hardware-related problems and developing bug fixes for open-source software is what I mean. Ubuntu is built on the open-source community after all...
Contributing to it feels like a duty to me; maybe because I love this OS so much