Hi there,

I got an old gnome 2.0 desktop here at work and I wanna change "window comes ins front" behaviour of the windows.

like on my other desktop (compiz) I have a window in front of another and can click the one behind without poping it up above the one in the front. to do so i have to press ALT or click the title bar. dunno how this is called but its a great thing in combination with the sloppy pointer.

but the only options i could find are these

-- snip --
gconftool-2 -a /apps/metacity/general
auto_raise = false
theme = Esco
focus_mode = sloppy
application_based = false
titlebar_uses_system_font = true
visual_bell_type = fullscreen
titlebar_font = Sans Bold 10
auto_raise_delay = 500
num_workspaces = 7
disable_workarounds = false
-- snap --

i bet there is another switch somwhere to set, but right now i cant find it.

help much appreciated.

thanks in advance!