So. I put Jaunty on my old Windows laptop, and for a while my twin Windows keys were, quite naturally, not doing anything. Indeed I thought they would live out their days in peaceful irrelevance, but then I found you could reallocate them. Which I did - or at least partly.

I have successfully allocated the left-hand one - called "Super L" - to bring my Applications menu up (or rather, down from the top left of my screen). This menu is logically kinda close to a Start Menu in my head. So having done this, I realised that it would be quite nice and symmetrical if the right-hand button (Super R) could be made to bring the logout/shutdown/switch user menu down from the top right of my screen. So I went into the same settings, but I couldn't find a command to allocate this button to, and I didn't fancy trying to create a custom one with no crutches or stabilisers to help me.

So basically I have two questions: Firstly, what is the name of the command I need to allocate Super R to - ie the command that brings up/down/out the aforementioned shutdown etc menu (the menu that appears when you click on your username)?

And secondly - having found I couldn't immediately do what I wanted to do, I instead tried allocating Super R to the "logout" function (which is Ctrl-Alt-Del by default) - ie the function that brings up the window, not the menu. But it hasn't worked; I allocated the key fine, but then when I pressed it a big fat nothing happened. Can anyone suggest why this might be?