I've created PPA for for Ofris: Deep Freeze like app for Linux. There are two versions, Indonesian and English:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tldm217/tahutek.net
sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install ofris

sudo apt-get install ofris-en

After installed, type "ofris" or "ofris-en" in terminal, and follow instruction on screen.

Important thing you have to know:
--- Notes ---
> This application is can't to be used to an usual User. So that, do this following steps to can be used :
- Login to the Administrator User

- Open the following menu : 'System' > 'Administration' > 'Users and Groups'

- In the User Settings window, click 'Unlock' button, and then insert the User Administator password

- Select the User that you will be, then click 'Properties' button

- Click tab 'User Privileges' and give check to the 'Administer the system' checkbox

- Click 'OK' and close the User Settings window

- This application is ready to be used to an usual User.

Thank's in advance.
Sorry for my bad English