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Thread: Replacement For Win98

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    Re: Replacement For Win98

    Quote Originally Posted by ranga_97 View Post
    The computer has windows 98 installed and only has 32MB RAM (could be 64, not sure until im given it) and a 1gig HDD. It also has a CD drive and a Floppy.
    Assuming the processor is 486DX or better (and quite honestly, if it isn't you're wasting your time anyway) I'd recommend Tiny Core Linux:

    Which requires 48MB RAM. There is also Microcore Linux, from the same source which runs in 36MB, but if you haven't got 48MB+ then again you're probably wasting your time. Tiny Core Linux uses the FLWM window manager which, I think, by default looks a lot like win95/8. It comes with almost nothing - which you'd expect from a desktop that weighs in at just 10MB - but can be extended to include all your favourite applications.


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    Re: Replacement For Win98

    DeLi Linux looks promising.
    Thanks again for all the replies. I cant remember what the processor was, sorry. Could I connect to the internet via an ethernet cable?
    Also, I have a spare router lying around, is there a way to use that as a receiver?

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