love the forum! need some help guys, thanks in advance for trying to help me out. here's the situation:

i have a newest edition macbook pro
i have refit on a cd
i have ubuntu lucid lynx on a cd
i have an 8 gb flash drive

my goal: to have a full installation of ubuntu on my flash drive so that it can be booted on any computer (mac and windows).

what i know: how to put ubuntu on my flash drive, how to boot into a windows computer from it. i also know that it won't work so easily on a mac that way. thus, i downloaded refit and burnt it to a cd.

my number one goal is to keep my macbook pro's internal drive and everything that came factory shipped untouched and unmodified in the process of getting the flash drive to boot on it successfully.

my one major question is: what is gptsync? if i put a ubuntu flash drive in the mac and boot via refit, i know i have to use gptsync to "synchronize" it. does synchronizing affect my internal disk drive and other stuff?


i have follow up questions... but i guess we should do this one step at a time. Thanks again for taking the time to help!